TB31 Videography Program is a video service opportunity for the motivated videos creators to make a strong impact in a community abroad and in the US. Our mission is to create more video for the world. Taylor Brown will guide you through 15 lessons about videography which is designed to help you make videos that makes people feel connected with each other and inspired.

  • Watch 15 Videos Lessons

  • Complete 18 Interactive Activities

  • Complete 10-Week Individual Video Training Program

  • Optional: Submit video(s) for review at tb31films.com/review

  • Optional: Apply for TB31 Videography Internship

Course curriculum

  • 1

    15 Lessons

    • My Passion and Foundation

    • My 1st Internship

    • Video Presentations

    • Graduate School

    • Favorite Cameras and Videography Equipment

    • Taylor, the Freelancer

    • Shifting During The Pandemic

    • Taylor, the International Videographer

    • Just Get The Shot

    • Taylor, The Video Editor (Premiere Pro)

    • Taylor, The Video Editor (Final Cut Pro)

    • Taylor, The Business Owner

    • Network

    • Believe in Your Brand

    • Hold Yourself Accountable

    • PDF Activity Packet

Bonus material

Complete Your 10-Week Individual Video Training Program

  • 10-week Individual Training Program

    Weekly assignments and activities. Create up to 5 videos. Sharpen video skills with a rigor schedule. We recommend that you do this with a video partner.

TB31 Internship

Six days videography internship in the Dominican Republic. Film one week of professional basketball abroad.

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